InfoCrank true data

A world class, proven power meter measuring both left and right legs.

Improve your cycling today with real data from an accurate and trusted tool.

Here it is: InfoCrank

It's an accurate, integrated cycling power meter to precisely measure both legs.

Know your own strength, and improve your cycling training and bike performance.

You want a power meter that is durable and accurately measures both legs? We have what you need.

Robbie McEwen for InfoCrank

Robbie McEwen for InfoCrank

Robbie McEwen knows power. Had his power meter been more accurate and reliable when he was a pro bike racer, he might have won a few more green jerseys. #MyPower is trustworthy data. Follow Robbie’s wheel, learn why he switched.
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The InfoCrank Classic

The InfoCrank Classic

InfoCrank power-meter is integrated into the crankset and measures each leg’s power independently and with precision. If you want to improve your performance on the bike, don’t tell your legs to shut-up, teach to do the talking.
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Follow the leader

Follow the leader

True data: Magnus Backstedt used to break his cranks while training on the very cobbles that earned him the coveted cobble of all: the Paris Roubaix victory trophy. But this was before InfoCrank – and long before the TEAM TIBCO ladies starting throwing down some front-page watts! Follow their lead and that of all of our athletes.

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COMMUNITY and #MyPower

Train. Learn. Grow. It’s all here: cycling analytics, engineering discourse, and the theory of relativity according to McAinsh. [link to blog]
WHAT IS #MyPower?
Robbie’s power is knowing his true left/ right data. Maggie’s power is going full throttle without breaking his cranks. Our power gets us up the mountains. It also gets us out of bed in the morning for a cup of coffee. What’s your power? What inspires you? Send us an image depicting your power, tell us a tale, tweet something sweet and use #MyPower.
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