Here it is: InfoCrank

Here it is: InfoCrank Cycling Power Meter

It's an accurate, integrated cycling power meter to precisely measure both legs.

Know your own strength, and improve your cycling training and bike performance.


You want to ride stronger, faster, more efficiently? You're in the right place

Robbie McEwen for InfoCrank

Robbie McEwen for InfoCrank

Robbie McEwen is on board to show cyclists everywhere how InfoCrank can help them improve their performance on the bike. Accurate bilateral power for sprinters, hill climbers, and everyone in between.
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Magnus Backstedt

Magnus Backstedt

If there's anyone whose power file you'd want to see, it's Magnus Backstedt. Magnus heads up Verve in the UK and Europe and is super keen to get InfoCrank on your bike today.
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The 2014 UCI Amateur World Championships in Slovenia was won by Giuseppe Di Salvo on an InfoCrank. Congrats, Beppe, on a great season with the perfect finish!

Crowd-sourced bike intelligence and product development?

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Yes - because Verve Cycling believes there’s strength in numbers.

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Strength in Num8ers

Verve is more than just the innovative InfoCrank cycling power meter. Our ambition goes way beyond building a better bike crankset. Our goal is to create a cycling community to share what we know and learn about improving bike performance and cycling training. Sharing the knowledge helps everyone get better, today and down the road.
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