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What is #MyPower?

Robbie McEwen’s Power Is…

Knowing his true left/ right balance, something he’s never had until now.


Maggy Backstedt’s Power Is…

Going full throttle without breaking his cranks. On cobbles.


What’s Your Power?

Send us an image depicting your power, tell us a tale, tweet something sweet and use #MyPower. We may even send you something in return.

InfoCrank in the real world

best of luck to @oneprocyclingofficial this weekend at @letouryorkshire. Off to a good start with #KOM to Pete Williams!  #OneTeam #InfoCrankMeasured your FTP recently? @balancedcyclist preps for his using the #InfoCrankClassicHow fast? #tibcofast!what a letdown. 🚙 someone thought it'd be fun to slash the tyres of 70 odd cars in our neighbourhood last night, so it's a slow start to the week for this Verve truck.... good thing we've got bikes 🚴🚴53/39 tooth rings coming soon for #InfoCrank. Who wants one? @george.galbraith  with the 📷 👌🏼#RevUp magnet-free firmware updates with #domecycling,  @southperthrouleurs and our #InfoCrank Dealer Strive Cycle Training, complete with @domewestraliaplaza coffee of course. ☕️🚴✨💥2K FOLLOWERS💥✨ thanks y'all. we are pumped to have you along for the ride. ✌️ 📷 by @beardmcbeardy of @overyonderracing with #InfoCrankpre-race beauties. 👌🏼 📷 by @marielucile.palud of @oneprocyclingofficial @factorbikes #InfoCrank #InfoCrankClassic @blackincwheels goodness@_mattleonard from @satalystverve wishes his #InfoCrank would tell him he was doing more watts. Funny how with another #powermeter he could just rezero till he hit a number he likes. Shame how with InfoCrank there's no lies.🙈 #themwattsbewatts 😳#truepower #truthbomb 💥
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