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What is #MyPower?

Robbie McEwen’s Power Is…

Knowing his true left/ right balance, something he’s never had until now.


Maggy Backstedt’s Power Is…

Going full throttle without breaking his cranks. On cobbles.


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InfoCrank in the real world

Tour of Dubai 🔆 photo by @oneprocyclingofficial // #infocrank #powermeterHAPPY FRIDAY! // @oneprocyclingofficial with their @factorbikes and #InfoCranks and the man himself at the Cadel Evans Road Race. 📷 by OPC.Who is lucky enough to be heading to @tourdownunder? The @oneprocyclingofficial @factorbikes with #InfoCrank are making an appearance!this has got to be one of the most lush photos of the #InfoCrank on a @giantbicycles from 2015. Nailed, as always, by @beardmcbeardyHey there 2016! We've been a little quiet this week...Maybe it's the 40 degrees Celsius heat in Perth, our Aussie hub, or the Christmas pudding sitting heavy in our bellies. But we're back to it with exciting projects to be announced soon, and more teams coming on board for the 2016 season. Ready, set...go!
📷 by @radkonzept_racingCheers to an epic 2015 🎉🚴. We're so honoured to have see InfoCranks make their way onto the bikes of @teamtibco_svb, @britishcycling and @oneprocyclingofficial and many many others. 
Here's to an even greater 2016 🍻the One Pro Cycling (X) Factor@oneprocyclingofficial team camp is underway, and #InfoCranks are making their way onto the new team bikes. 📷 by OPC
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