Here it is: InfoCrank

Here it is: InfoCrank Cycling Power Meter

It's an accurate, integrated cycling power meter to precisely measure both legs.

Know your own strength, and improve your cycling training and bike performance.

You want to ride stronger, faster, more efficiently? You're in the right place

Get to know us

Get to know us

Want to test ride our InfoCrank cycling power meter? The Verve Team is excited to meet you at Eurobike and Interbike. EB Hall B1, Stand 502 & at at IB Booth 35116.


InfoCrank Cycling Power Meter

The InfoCrank cycling power meter is a power measurement bike crankset you can trust, built with the latest materials science, fabrication methods, and communication technology.
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The open-to-all cycling new product development & bike design platform invites you to improve the breed & seed the future of bike parts with your own ideas & innovations.
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Crowd-sourced bike intelligence and product development?

Discover the Espresso Club Crow-Sourced Bike Design & Intelligence Platform

Yes - because Verve Cycling believes there’s strength in numbers.

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Strength in Num8ers

Verve is more than just the innovative InfoCrank cycling power meter. Our ambition goes way beyond building a better bike crankset. Our goal is to create a cycling community to share what we know and learn about improving bike performance and cycling training. Sharing the knowledge helps everyone get better, today and down the road.
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