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What is #MyPower?

Robbie McEwen’s Power Is…

Knowing his true left/ right balance, something he’s never had until now.


Maggy Backstedt’s Power Is…

Going full throttle without breaking his cranks. On cobbles.


What’s Your Power?

Send us an image depicting your power, tell us a tale, tweet something sweet and use #MyPower. We may even send you something in return.

InfoCrank in the real world

Did you hear? @britishcycling and Verve #InfoCrank just signed a 5 year partnership. Head coach of the Great Britain Cycling Team said We've been keeping it a secret for a long time now, but today we announced a powerful partnership with @britishcycling. We couldn't be more pleased to be working so closely with the world's single most successful cycling team, the Great Britain Cycling Team. Here's to 2016!
 #InfoCrank #britishcycling #greatbritaincyclingteam #MyPowerWe all need to escape sometimes. 📷 by @alexjmaloneRobbie rides Ridley 'round the river...In InfoCrank's home town of PERTH, WA no less! It was a pleasure to have you this side of the country, @robbiemcewen. Come again soon! 📷 by the man himself. 
#infocrank @ridley_bikesWow! InfoCrank on the first male across the line AND the first female! We got to watch Julia's power live as she sprinted for the finish. Thanks Satalyst! Congrats Theo and congrats Julia.waiting at the finish line, watching live the race leader's #InfoCrank power, heart rate, speed and location.Simon Clark and Robbie McEwen take it easy before the 3rd stage of ToMR. Robbie has his InfoCrank on Satalyst's live tracker - go to to follow his ride. See his speed, power and elevation live!team and individual time trials down at the Tour of Margaret River in Western Australia. joined here by Cam Meyer, Robbie McEwen, and young champs like Michael Storer, to name a few. Super exciting is Satalyst's tracker software debut - we're watching live maps with riders' power, heart rate and speed. More on that, and some screen shots, coming later.#InfoCrank is making it around the globe. You can now buy InfoCranks from @besport_bikeshop in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. And from the looks of @raslanabbadi's 📷 here, their store is well worth a visit.
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