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Made to Measure

Accurate and reliable, robust and user friendly - this cycling power meter is integrated into beautifully designed crank arms and measures power independently on both left and right legs.

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Design and technology united

InfoCrank is designed from the outset as an integrated cycling power meter and beautiful road bike crankset. Seamlessly set into the crank arms, InfoCrank's power meter measures each leg's power with unprecedented precision. No guesses, no math. Just an honest set of numbers that reflect unsurpassed accuracy. The load path, from bike pedal through crank and bike chainrings, is optimized to transmit only the torque that moves your bike forward.


The info

What power is going in? That's what moves the bike forward. Heart rate, speed, cadence, time, distance-all outputs. To get results from your cycling training, you need to know input power. That's the info you need, and that's what the InfoCrank cycling power meter measures like no other. Improve your bike performance with accurate torque and cadence measurements in both left and right legs.

83 rpm
40 Nm
346 watts
  • cadence

    The InfoCrank power meter uses a magnetic sensor to measure your cadence - that is, the rate of your cycling pedal stroke measured in revolutions per minute (rpm).

  • Torque

    The InfoCrank power meter measures the true force driving the bike forward. When you push on the pedals, it's only the tangential forces that drive the bike forward. The rest is just noise.

  • Power

    Power is measured in Watts (W). It's the product of cadence (rpm) and torque (Nm). Knowing your power input is the single most beneficial cycling training aid any serious cyclist can have to improve performance and ride efficiently.


Designed for integration

  • Elegantly fit for purpose

    This custom built crankset is engineered from the outset to house a high-precision power measuring system. CNC-controlled pockets placed in the load path control local strains. Strain gauges are placed to 0.1mm accuracy. Measuring devices transmit accurate, repeatable power figures while rejecting noise. Though technically dense, the InfoCrank cycling power meter is elegant and pleasing to the eye.

  • Focused on rider needs

    The InfoCrank power meter is made to meet serious cyclists’ needs. Nothing is compromised: everything is optimized to work perfectly, look elegant, and last at least as long as the bike itself. Built for the road, day in and out, in all weather conditions. It’s a true set and forget. InfoCrank is perfectly integrated into the bike so, when your bike is an extension of you, InfoCrank is a part of you too.


Robust design for the real world

The InfoCrank power meter is built to withstand the worst weather imaginable. Anywhere you can ride your road bike, InfoCrank is there for you. It's accurate in extreme heat and humidity, seldom needs new batteries, and is virtually unbreakable.

  • Battery life

    If you ride 3 hours a day, 4 days a week, you’ll only need to replace your power meter batteries once a year. They’re inexpensive and commonly available.

  • Shock resistant

    Even if you crash big-time, you won’t break this robust power meter. If there is data loss or interruption, simply re-zero your InfoCrank power meter and all function is restored as good as new.

  • Waterproof

    Pressure hoses are a bad idea. We say that because you'll damage your bike's bearings and electrical bits. You won't hurt your InfoCrank power meter though. It's waterproof.

  • Temperature compensated

    All-weather rider? The InfoCrank power meter has such high quality measuring instruments and componentry that temperature variations won’t affect the accuracy of the data.

  • Understanding Accuracy Statements

    Yes, this power meter is accurate. So you know, here is exactly how accurate it is.

    InfoCrank is a torque-sensing system with ±0.2 Nm accuracy for measurements below 20 Nm and ±1% of actual readings for measurements above 20 Nm.

    Let's put that into some context. Say riding conditions are 90 rpm with a 300 watt reading (not an unusual operating point for a rider). Say the crank length is 172.5 mm. The maths works out that there is an average torque of around 16 Nm per each crank to produce the 300 watts of power. As this is below the 20 Nm threshold, there is an error band of ±0.2 Nm, which translates to ±1.25%. of the actual displayed value. That means your actual power will be somewhere between 303.8 watts and 296.2 watts. Elite riders typically riding above 400 watts and 90 rpm for time trials would produce results with ±1% of the actual reading.

    So accuracy, quoted as a relative value, has to have a reference for us to understand at what point it is actually that accurate. InfoCrank shows you that most of the time you ride the bike with loads that can be measured accurately at ±1%, while other times, because the load is less, it may be rather less accurate, ±1.5 to1.75%.

    We went to the effort of getting our accuracy statement externally certified, and we found that InfoCrank is even more accurate than we’re claiming above. Have a look for yourself.

  • Drift

    When we talk about accuracy, we also have to talk about drift. For training and testing purposes, it is a key requirement that the power you have showing today in watts is the same as the power that you have tomorrow, assuming the displayed watts are the same. In the world of cycling power meters, sadly this isn’t always the truth.

    InfoCrank has been designed to eliminate any drift that may occur during a ride or from ride to ride. Actually having accurate data at the beginning and the end of the ride, and having comparable figures today and tomorrow is a challenge for most power meters and was key in our design specifications.

  • Accurate on any bike?

    There is no difference between the watts measured on one set of InfoCranks and another*. If you switch the InfoCrank between bikes, or you have one on each bike, the watts measured on both are the same watts. Accurate for the whole ride, every day.

    You can even switch chainrings, bikes, bottom brackets and without needing to re-zero have the same accurate and reliable data you had before.

    *Lab tests during production have shown that each crank is within 0.5% on average.

Compatible with many road bikes and ANT+ bike computers

  • Frame compatibility

    Our first crankset design is a compact 110BCD with a stiff 30mm spindle, which uses precision built, American engineered Praxis M30 bottom brackets for BSA, BB30, PF30, OSBB and BB86 bike frames.

    Our second crankset design in a standard 130BCD with a 24mm spindle, adaptable to many frames with an aftermarket bottom bracket.

  • ANT+ compatible

    The InfoCrank power meter uses the ANT+ wireless communication protocol to talk to any compatible bike computer. Purchase with a navi2coach or pair your current bike computer, ensuring it has left and right power balance readings.

  • Bundle with a GPS computer

    While you can use your own bike computer, we offer a neat GPS-enabled bike computer for a modest additional cost. You get optimum support, compatibility and usability when you use the navi2coach to display and manipulate data from your InfoCrank power meter.


Simple setup

Setting up InfoCrank on your bike is straightforward. It's a quick setup for pro shop techs and easy for capable amateur builders.

  • Factory calibrated

    With InfoCrank you’re going to have to learn to just say no to the calibrate function on your bike computer, most of the time. Unless you damage your crank arm in a crash, you won't ever need to recalibrate or re- zero. InfoCrank is calibrated in the factory where it starts life. If your bike does get a knock and you do want the additional reassurance, you can use the 'calibrate' function of your ANT + enabled bike computer, following our steps carefully.

  • InfoCrank affiliates

    We’ve been busy setting up a network of expert Affiliates worldwide who can help you install and use your new crankset power meter. With compatible bottom brackets installed, swapping InfoCrank between bikes is a breeze. We'll help you find a Verve Affiliate near you.


can be yours today

You’re here because you want to improve your performance and ride efficiently. We’re here to help you get there.

We've been perfecting InfoCrank for years. National Institutes of Sport have cyclists riding it, and development teams train and race on it.

Ex-pro cyclists like Robbie McEwen, Magnus Backstedt and Nikita Eskov ride InfoCrank today, and UWCT Amateur World Championships have been won on it.

Leading tire manufacturers, Michelin, use InfoCrank to test power savings against power inputs, because we’ve proven to be the most accurate power meter available.

For many, InfoCrank has become their power meter of choice.

So, what are you waiting for? You could be riding InfoCrank today.

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